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 Astor Marine, That was owned by Monica is now closed.  She died December 5, 2020 and without her Astor Marine would never be the same.  As her only child, Susanne Hella Schuler, I hope you all know how much she appreciated and loved her customers and the Astor, Florida community.  Even though she insisted on not having a memorial, obituary, or any other gathering I hope you will always remember her as the strong, hardworking, and tough immigrant from Germany.

She came to Astor after her husband Dan had a heart attack and was told he didn't have long to live.  They bought a houseboat and parked it at the Blackwater Restaurant dock.  Six months later, with Dan alive and well, they were bored and because they loved Astor they founded Astor Marine with four pontoon boats at a local bait and tackle store.    I came on board as they grew and learned to rig the boats, clean the boats, sell the boats, and deliver the boats when Mom had another delivery.  She loved delivering boats because she was able to be out    on the water with her customers!!                                        

                                                                                                                         We became the first mother and daughter certified mechanics and even after we stopped turning wrenches; with that knowledge; we helped our customers buy the best boat for their needs.  I want everyone to know that we truly enjoyed meeting all the amazing people that came to Astor Marine and to all of you that have stopped by and reminded me of kindnesses that Mom did for you, thank you.  Even though I will miss her everyday for the rest of my life, it helps knowing there are so many of you that remember her fondly! 

 With Sincere Appreciation, Monica's daughter Susanne


We'll see you on the water.





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